Lesson Plan

Election Role-Playing Debate

This Election Role-Playing Debate lesson plan also includes:

After watching clips of presidential candidates during debates and speeches, and researching the candidate's position on important issues, young researchers conduct a role-play debate in which they act as one of the candidates.

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Instructional Ideas
  • If class members are unfamiliar with debate format, conduct a mini-lesson about the conventions of debate or invited members of the school's debate team to speak with the class
  • If time permits, expand the activity to include a moderator, news commentators, fact checkers, etc.
  • Instructors should decide whether they will formulate the debate questions or if a group of students will formulate the questions
  • Create a rating sheet for observers and have them score the actors on factors like accuracy of information, and accuracy of portrayal
Classroom Considerations
  • Presumes class members are well versed in their candidate's position on the issues to be included in the debate
  • ProCon is a non-partisan, information site
  • Suggestions for alternative debate formats are included
  • None