Lesson Plan

Einstein's Gravity

Assist your high school class with researching and applying the principles of gravity so they may further understand why Einstein is so widely recognized, even today. Individuals compare and contrast two different models that demonstrate gravitational force, design a model of curved space, and discuss the importance of curved space and gravitational force on our daily lives.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class create a crossword puzzle including gravity-related vocabulary terms as a review tool
  • Instruct each learner to research the differences between gravitational force on similar objects, both on Earth and in space
Classroom Considerations
  • Assist learners with Internet use as they complete this lesson
  • Details activities in a way that learners understand, no matter their learning style
  • Ability to modify or adapt lesson due to the activities taking place over three to four class periods
  • Includes ideas for further research and differentiated learning to take the lesson to the next level
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