Egyptian Pyramids Virtual Field Trip!

A virtual field trip takes enthusiastic travelers to the pyramids of Giza. Using Google, scholars explore the grounds of the ancient pyramids found in Egypt then complete three worksheets: a photo analysis page, a reflection sheet, and a travel journal.  

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign the quick write on a blog post that allowed pupils to answer the question and interact with their peers 
  • Guide learners through the first step to familiarize them with how to use the technology
  • Group class members in pairs or triads to aide different ability levels 
Classroom Considerations

  • As warned in the lesson, some links have changed 
  • Participants require a digital learning device and copies of worksheets 

  • Includes an extra video to extend the learning experience 
  • Encourages following directions 

  • Included worksheets are clearly formatted but provide little space for written response; add a sheet of paper for those that need more room 
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