Egyptian Hieroglyphs

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Humans have been developing number systems for thousands of years, and while they can be very different from one another, they can also share surprising similarities. Take your young mathematicians on a journey through the history of math to explore the ancient Egyptian system of numbers with this engaging cross-curricular lesson plan.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Teach this lesson at the beginning of the year to activate children's prior knowledge relating to place value and the decimal number system
  • Allow students to read the included passage in small groups; after ward, they can share out the facts and vocabulary they identified with the rest of the class
  • As an exit card, have students explain which number system they found easier to use and why
  • Offers reference documents that clearly explain the hieroglyphs used by ancient Egyptians to represent numbers
  • A reading passage is provided that explains the history of the ancient Egyptian writing and number systems
  • Lesson helps to reinforce children's understanding of place value
  • A rubric is included for assessing the work students complete in their small groups
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