Effective Email Communication

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Despite its speed and convenience, an e-mail may not always be the best form of communication. As part of a series on specific writing assignments, a handout shares information on effective e-mail communication. In addition to outlining when e-mail is the appropriate form of communication to use, the handout also covers key components of writing an e-mail, such as greetings and sign-offs, carbon copies, and formal versus informal language.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Write an intentionally poor e-mail and challenge learners to determine how to improve its content
  • Come up with humorous topics for writers and use them to compose mock e-mails
Classroom Considerations

  • Content is geared toward college students and business professionals

  • Includes hyperlinks to other relevant resources within the body of the handout
  • Provides both positive and negative examples to support the content

  • Lacks information on certain key e-mail features, such as reply versus reply all