EdTech Tuesdays: NewsBug

This EdTech Tuesdays: NewsBug instructional video also includes:

Here is a great sneak peek into the NewsBug app, which curates news stories and images that are appropriate for classroom use, and is free from social media connections and in-app purchases.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations
  • For a more detailed description of the app and its features, be sure to check out the full review linked in the resource's included materials
  • Having trouble getting the video to play smoothly? Clicking the blue HD letters in the lower right corner will play the video at a lower resolution and decrease buffering time
  • Explains possible issues that teachers might run into using the app, such as its inefficiency for displaying text on a large screen
  • Rich and Jennifer offer a variety of great instructional tips and suggestions for classroom activities using the app
  • None