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EdTech Tuesdays: A+ Writing Prompts

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This EdTech Tuesdays: A+ Writing Prompts instructional video also includes:

Thousands of prompts? Great! Rich and Jennifer tell you all about how to use this prompt-generating app, which can enhance your curriculum and provide a fabulous variety of topics for your class to write about. Listen for application ideas and pros and cons that will help you decide if this is an app for you.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show the video clip to your colleagues at a meeting or training, and even pause the video to try out one of the prompts Jennifer and Rich generate during the tutorial
Classroom Considerations
  • Take a look at the materials for a link to the full app review
  • Having trouble getting the video to play smoothly? Clicking the blue HD letters in the lower right corner will play the video at a lower resolution and decrease buffering time
  • Provides tips and ideas for using the app effectively and safely in your classroom
  • The demonstration gives you an idea of what using A+ Writing Prompts will really feel like
  • None