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Ecological Footprint

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How does your lifestyle measure up in terms of your ecological footprint? Young ecologists examine their impact on the planet using an insightful online calculator. A short quiz asks users to rank the size of their homes, their energy efficiency, and a variety of other conservation-minded questions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • The resource is a perfect tool for studying human impact on the environment or green math
  • Use the calculator as a pre- and post-assessment of your class' understanding of energy-efficient concepts and practices
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan a full class period of computer use for individual students
  • The calculator requires users to log in with Facebook or an email address
  • Lesson includes printable student worksheet 
  • The score at the end of the online quiz is shown in the number of Earths required to sustain the user's lifestyle—a very eye-opening visual cue
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