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Drug the Water Flea

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This is a flea. This is a flea on drugs. Any questions? Your class will have questions aplenty during an impactful experiment. Lab groups get to know Daphnia magna, the humble water flea, and study the effects of stimulants and depressants upon its heart rate. The plan includes a materials list, several activities, and all printable resources.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Build some Daphnia handling time into the lesson, as working groups will need to achieve some success in catching them for multiple observations
  • Daphnia can be kept for future investigations
Classroom Considerations
  • Schedule time in the computer lab for individuals to complete the web quest and groups to complete Daphnia research
  • The experimental procedure produces clear, measureable data
  • All required printables are included in the teacher's guide
  • Daphnia are not only model organisms but can be a great indicator of the health of their environment
  • Activity can serve as a launch pad for several other topics
  • None