Unit Plan

Drive the Data Derby

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This Drive the Data Derby unit plan also includes:

Three days of race car design and driving through the classroom while guessing probability could be a third graders dream. Learn to record car speed, distances traveled, and statistics by using calculation ranges using the mean, median, and mode on graphs. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • As an introduction, read Aloud Racecar Driver's Night Before Christmas book and stop in the middle of the book to guess probability. Graph on the board who thinks which car will come in first, second, or third 
  • Assign roles and groups to present resource idea
Classroom Considerations
  • For read aloud and resource requirement, the book Racecar Driver's Night Before Christmas by Una Belle Townsend is needed
  • Graph paper, rulers, tape, and lots of miscellaneous materials for students to create race cars must be gathered
  • Assignment requires three days to one week to complete
  • Bar graph worksheets are not relevant to the car lesson; however, they can be used for your graphing unit
  • Engaging way to present data
  • Learners manage their skills and tasks
  • Collaborative way to engage your class with math
  • Resource includes daily exit slips and summative assessment
  • None