Drawing Inverses

An Algebra II lesson draws the connection between the exponential function and its inverse. By graphing an exponential function and using tables and a calculator, high schoolers graph the logarithmic function. The plan comes with a launch, guided practice, exit ticket and homework. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class work a few example problems using the algebraic relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions prior to handing out homework
  • Before beginning the activity, find inverses of other simpler functions using a table and graph
Classroom Considerations
  • Class familiarity with graphing calculators is beneficial
  • Though it is anticipated that the graphs of the exponential and logarithmic function will lead to the understanding that they are inverses, more direct guidance may be needed
  • UDL checklist is provided for this specific lesson
  • Answers are given for the activity
  • The teacher notes where to look for the different math practices during the lesson
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