Don't Be Too Flaky

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Snow, ice, and water are all composed of H2O. Does that mean they all have the same volume? Discover the ways that the densities of these substances determine their volumes, and how they change based on their current states of matter. After young scientists complete an experiment with snow and water, they submit their results to a database and compare their results with others.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Project the table onto the board for pupils to copy into their lab journals
  • Encourage groups to assess the submitted results and to write a reflection about the experiment
Classroom Considerations

  • Activity requires snow; resource lists additional materials to use if snow is not available, including shaved ice or frost from a freezer
  • Learners can still complete the experiment if they don't want to submit their results

  • Provides a sample data table to copy onto another piece of paper
  • Comes with an extension activity for older or advanced learners

  • None