Do I Have a Right? Bill of Rights Edition

This Do I Have a Right? Bill of Rights Edition activity & project also includes:

In an online engaging and animated game, pupils role play as lawyers charged with protecting rights found in amendments to the United States Constitution. As they choose appropriate amendments to match the right that has been violated, they earn prestige points to continue to build their law firms and protect more citizens.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask pupils to take notes as they progress through their games, particularly as clients request cases that delve into more complex areas of the amendments. Then have students write a response to their experience, offering multiple specific examples of cases they encountered and amendments that had multiple implications
Classroom Considerations
  • Free subscription required to save game progress
  • Game is attached in this review as an additional material, but is also linked in the lesson itself
  • Engaging and informative
  • Includes side actions typical of modern games, like using credits to upgrade lawyer's desk and performance, and buying ads to increase clientele
  • Excellent scaffolding of information for those who do not know how to play
  • None