Divide Shapes

This Divide Shapes assessment also includes:

Let's partition rectangles into equal parts. Assess learners on their ability to divide shapes into equal parts, and their ability to explain their thinking.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Review the rubric with individuals prior to handing out the assessment
  • Use with third graders to connect area and partitioning shapes to make sense of division
Classroom Considerations

  • If using as an assessment, resource assumes pupils can divide shapes into equal parts and understand fraction words
  • The test booklet starts on page four and ends on page nine

  • Works well in small learning groups
  • The 18-page packet includes a rubric, one assessment problem broken up into three parts, and a teacher guide explaining the assessment
  • Requires that learners explain their thinking through words and mathematical representation

  • None
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