Digital Citizenship Jeopardy

This Digital Citizenship Jeopardy learning game also includes:

Fake News & Clickbait, Privacy, Tech & the Internet, Cyberbullying, and Ethics & Netiquette are the categories in a Jeopardy game that tests the class's knowledge of Digital Citizenship.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Download, enlarge and post or project the jeopardy board
  • Have class members take turns being the game host
  • Post the "Nine D's of Digital Citizenship" graphic available in the "Additional Materials" teacher reference 
  • Use the game as an assessment after a study of Digital Citizenship
Classroom Considerations
  • Collect examples of the nine elements before starting the game
  • Serve as the judge to determine which team responds first to the prompt by raising their hands
  • The teacher reference, "How to Teach Digital Citizenship" provides information and teaching tips about each of the nine elements of digital citizenship
  • Includes questions and an answer key for the game
  • None