Density and Miscibility

The liquids did not mix — so what do density columns have to do with it? The seventh part in a series of nine provides the theoretical explanation of why density columns do not mix. The lesson covers the topics related to mixing and hydrogen bonds. These topics allow the class to gain an understanding of the chemical properties of water and its interactions with other substances.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Put the vocabulary words on the board, have the class research their meanings, and find examples
  • Determine other liquids that would make density columns after knowing the chemistry behind it
Classroom Considerations

  • Do the associated activities Density Column Lab parts one and two prior to the lesson
  • Seventh in a nine-part series

  • Includes teacher directions within the content to help with the presentation of the information
  • Contains a quiz to help assess the understanding of the class

  • The quiz has the answer to one of the questions within the quiz document