Lesson Plan

Demonstrating Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness

This Demonstrating Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness lesson plan also includes:

A well-fitting helmet can be the difference between an unfortunate bicycle accident and a tragic bicycle accident. Encourage your class to exercise bike safety with a set of lessons that demonstrate the importance of wearing a helmet, including an egg drop, a melon smash, and a hammer and foam experiment. Just-in-time for summer!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Perform the demonstrations during a school-wide focus on safety
  • Encourage the class to bring their helmets to class for a proper fitting
  • Host a fundraiser for safety equipment that benefits children who can't afford it
Classroom Considerations
  • Each demonstration is designated for a certain grade level, but all would work for any grade with a few modifications
  • Engaging for all learners
  • Includes links to additional resources and informational materials
  • Prompts learners to examine the fit of their helmets as well as the integrity
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