Unit Plan

Dealing with Feelings

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Five activities encourage scholars to look inside, get in touch with their emotions, and express their feelings appropriately. Stories set the stage for feeling identification and in-depth discussions. Role play and the act of miming provide an outlet for sharing emotions. Calm-Down strategies are practiced to soothe overwhelming feelings. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Send a letter home to provide parents and guardians with an overview of the topic alongside talking points and tips to navigate feelings at home 
  • Gather a collection of stories from the library that feature emotions, allow pupils to browse them when time permits 
  • Revisit activities and strategies throughout the school year to reinforce the importance of expressing one's feelings  
Classroom Considerations
  • Discussing feelings may bring up strong emotions in class, be prepared to offer comfort, reassurance, and guidance as needed 
  • Included materials look best printed in color 
  • Provides four teaching strategies 
  • Teacher Notes offer tips and tricks to better serve your class members 
  • Tools learners gain can be used inside and outside the classroom 
  • None
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