Lesson Plan

Culture is Like an Iceberg

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What influences the way you dress, or celebrate holidays, or connect with your friends? Explore the cultural traits that are not easily seen with an engaging discussion. Using the model of an iceberg, learners place features of culture that are visible to others, and the ways that invisible traits, such as religious values and social beliefs, may influence the details above the surface.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use during a multicultural novel unit, or when addressing cultural identity in social studies
  • Have learners synthesize their discussions into a short reflection essay
  • Encourage class members to complete their own iceberg drawings, indicating which of their own personality traits would be above or below the water's surface
Classroom Considerations
  • The second part of a unit on cultural identity
  • Encourages open discussion and supporting peer connections
  • An ideal way to discuss bias, prejudice, and stereotypes in any class setting
  • Provides another version of the lesson plan for a real-world example
  • None