Counting Squares

This Counting Squares lesson plan also includes:

Challenge young mathematicians' understanding of squares with this geometry puzzle. The task is simple, identify as many squares as possible in a 3x3 array. Allow learners to work independently or in pairs as they search for squares, taking volunteers to share their findings once everyone has had sufficient time to work. Included in the lesson is an interactive worksheet that can be displayed for the class using a computer, projector, and the GeoGebra program included in the additional materials. This worksheet provides a picture of the array and allows smaller squares to be superimposed on top of it in order to determine how many can be found. Implement this fun activity as a warm-up exercise the day after teaching a primary grade lesson on squares.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Puzzle engages children in applying their understanding of squares
  • Lesson is also aligned with second grade Common Core math standards

  • Teacher needs to create copies of the grid for students to use during the activity
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