Introduce your class to the concept of copyright with a series of activities. Pupils first learn about copyright laws and fair use, putting their knowledge to the test with a quick categorizing task. They then watch a video and answer true-and-false questions about it. Close the instructional activity with a quick sticky note sharing activity.

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Classroom Considerations
  • Some things may be out of date, so make sure to check all links; you can make a copy of the presentation in order to edit it
  • While intended to be a bit silly and cute, the copyright video comes off a bit strange, if still informative


  • Comes with answers to the true-and-false activity
  • Additional activities (with answers) for the entire unit are included at the end of the lesson; these include scenarios, a word search, and a role-playing activity
  • The links to the copyright workshop and quizzes referred to in the starter no longer work; have students read the YouTube copyright FAQ instead