Converting Metric Units of Length Brochure

How many millimeters are in 10 meters? Which is greater: two centimeters or 30 millimeters? These are the types of questions learners can solve, along with one word problem, in a six-sectioned measurement brochure.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use at the end of a converting measurements unit to serve as a study guide
  • If needed, provide scrap paper for learners to solve conversions
  • Have individuals add color to the brochure after completing
Classroom Considerations

  • Best printed back-to-back on one sheet of paper to acquire the brochure format

  • Provides a key for converting 1 kilometer to meters, 1 meter to centimeters, and 1 centimeter to millimeters
  • Offers multiple strategies for converting metric units of length 

  • None
Common Core