Contested Territories

United States expansion into Western territories impacted much more than just lines on a map. The seventh installment of a 22-part series about America's history puts scholars into the lives of those making the journey westward as well as those impacted by displacement. They assist one another in analyzing maps, primary sources, firsthand stories, and video clips to present material to understand the way expansion led to larger issues, such as the legality of slavery in the United States. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign members of each group for activity two to facilitate learning and play to the strengths of each student in the group
  • Use today's current events regarding immigration to reflect on how different groups are impacted by moving to a new area
Classroom Considerations

  • Materials include overhead projector and transparencies; adjust for today's technology accordingly

  • Resource provides reflective questions to use while viewing the clips
  • Lesson materials include printable worksheets

  • None