Constellation Location

Location, location, location! Learn about why your location on Earth is a determining factor in which constellations you can see at night during different parts of the year.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members track which constellations they can see over the course of a school year
  • Bring in an app that allows users to locate the stars or constellations they are seeing, as well as the celestial bodies that are visable on the other side of the planet
Classroom Considerations

  • Begins with an advertisement
  • Video is the third part of a five-video unit, and frequently references information from the previous videos
  • Host talks a little fast, but your learners should be able to keep up

  • Video is engaging and fun
  • Visual aids help to clarify some complex topics
  • Encourages viewers to consider their place in the world as it relates to constellations

  • None