Conserving Water Through Art!

This Conserving Water Through Art! lesson plan also includes:

Having fresh, clean drinking water is a privilege many people take for granted. Help raise awareness about the scarcity of water and the importance of conservation by discussing different ways water is used in everyday life. Brainstorm ideas for reducing water consumption, making a class pledge to conserve this valuable resource. Finally, create toothbrush holders that will remind young conservationists to use less water at home. A great lesson for celebrating Earth Day, or include as part of a unit on the water cycle, natural resources, ecosystems, and numerous other earth and life science topics.

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  • Includes a pie chart that clearly demonstrates the distribution of earth's water between oceans, glaciers, and bodies of fresh water
  • Provides ideas for other activities that extend learning about conservation
  • Requires implementation of small-group discussions to encourage active participation