Congress of Vienna 1815

Europe was changing in the early nineteenth century, and the Congress of Vienna largely sought to slow and contain those sweeping changes. A slideshow presentation illustrates the details of the Congress of Vienna, including its three main goals, its subsequent successes—and, as would be seen in the many coming nationalist uprisings, its failures.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Send the presentation home for learners to study before coming to class for discussion
  • Assign an argument essay in which class members weigh the successes and failures of the Congress of Vienna
Classroom Considerations
  • Second map is not labeled; work with the class to ensure understanding of European geography
  • Designed for high school but adaptable to middle school classes as well
  • Slides are well organized and easy to read
  • Includes important information, maps, historical context, and evaluation of outcome
  • None