Conflict Resolution

This Conflict Resolution lesson plan also includes:

Peers discuss the importance of conflict resolution and share their thoughts with the rest of the class. The same partners then role-play a Peace Talk using a script. Finally, an exhilarating game of Sharks and Minnows allows scholars to practice what they discussed in the event a disagreement arises. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • To address a more general view of conflict resolution, change the Peer Discussion questions to cover a variety of locations
  • Switch partners to foster classmate relationships
  • Review answers from the Exit Ticket and quiz
Classroom Considerations
  • The eighth social-emotional lesson in a series of 10
  • The lesson is designed for practicing conflict resolution strategies during PE activities
  • Those that struggle with reading may require assistance
  • Includes an Exit ticket and short quiz
  • The plan is written in detail and easy to follow
  • It covers several social-emotional topics
  • None