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Conductors and Non-Conductors

To conduct or not to conduct ... that is the question! The sixth and final video in a series depicting elements, mixtures, and compounds digs deeper into the concept of conductivity. Pupils learn how the arrangement of electrons within a substance either promote or inhibit conductivity. The content also includes a discussion of superconductors.

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Instructional Ideas
  • After watching the video, pose the question, "Why would someone need a superconductive substance?"; then have the class research the answer
  • Have volunteers rub balloons on their hair to demonstrate a how electricity influences a nonconductive substance
Classroom Considerations
  • Some prior knowledge of the arrangement of electrons in metals and nonmetals is helpful
  • Teachers can use the pauses embedded within the video to check understanding and to promote class discussion
  • Simple animations provide visual reference to help them comprehend the concept
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