Concentrating Charge and Electric Fields

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How did Rutherford determine that the nucleus was the center of an atom? Take a look inside the famous Gold Foil Experiment with an interesting interactive. Learners fire a beam of alpha particles at a nucleus containing variable concentrations of positively charged protons. They then observe the effects of the electric field upon the particles.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the interactive as the basis for model development to study the behavior of objects moving through a magnetic field
  • Have the class record their observations for concentrated, medium, and diffuse charge concentrations
Classroom Considerations
  • Take a moment to review or introduce Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment before assigning the interactive
  • Allow a little extra time for pupils to make observations at different concentration levels; the interactions happen quickly and cannot be slowed or paused
  • Changing the charge concentration shown in the resource allows for different views of the resulting electric field and directions of force
  • The interactive is versatile and has applications in both the chemistry and physics classrooms
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