Compose Your Own Music

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Channel the masters with an interactive music composition activity! Learners use the online tool to create their own masterpieces one measure at a time.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use as a quick warm-up in a music appreciation class, or as a creative assessment activity
  • Have class members share their compositions with peers, small groups, or the whole class
Classroom Considerations
  • Time signature is in 4/4 in both beginning and advanced settings
  • Does not include options to change the key signature; best used to review notes on the staff and their beats
  • Possible notes do not include sharps or flats
  • Provides an advanced setting for learners to try out dotted quarter notes and dotted half notes
  • Bank of music notes provides the number of beats each one requires
  • Tool ensures that pupils can only include only four beats per measure
  • None