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Complex Number Operations

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What do animated videos have to do with mathematics? Using operations of complex numbers and their representations on the complex plane, high schoolers observe how mathematics could be used to move animations. The instructional activity provides an in-depth study of complex number operations and how to represent them within the Argand Diagram.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Hand out the self-assessment worksheet for homework before your lesson, or as a warm-up activity
  • Prompt learners to add reference pages and completed graphic organizers to a math binder or journal as a review resource
Classroom Considerations
  • The plan calls for a clip of Antz from YouTube as an opener to the unit
  • Lesson suggests geometry software such as Geogebra to show rotations on the complex plane
  • Worksheets are in color (red text) but will print well in black and white without affecting understanding
  • Provides helpful information and suggested questions
  • Engaging for your more reluctant learners
  • Encourages self-reflection with assessment pages
  • Demonstrative of an applicable use of math
  • Answer keys not provided for student activity sheets
  • End-of-lesson assessment is not provided