Complex Number Division 2

Individuals learn to divide and conquer complex numbers with a little help from moduli and conjugates. In the second lesson on complex number division, the class takes a closer look at the numerator and denominator of the multiplicative inverse. They realize the relationship between them and the conjugate and modulus of the complex number. This discovery leads to the understanding of how to divide complex numbers in the eighth segment in the unit of 32.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class discuss why the absolute value symbol is the same as the symbol for modulus
  • Make the connection between the division of complex numbers and the division of radical expressions
Classroom Considerations
  • Be sure that the class understands the symbols used for conjugate and modulus
  • The lesson plan provides suggestions on instructional practices to use for different aspects of the lesson
  • The in-class exercises have the class prove general relationships between conjugates and moduli
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