Lesson Plan

Comparing Temperature and Solar Radiation for Common Latitudes

There's snow much to learn! Excited individuals use real-world data to discover how latitude affects the odds of a snow day. Scientists compare latitude, solar radiation, and temperature using NASA data for several locations. Climatologists then analyze graphs and interpret data to answer questions and complete a CER chart before engaging in a follow-up discussion to solidify their understanding of concepts.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Review provided link for building claims from evidence to allow for skillful completion of the CER portion of activity 
  • Allow investigators to discuss CER charts with partners to revise and learn collaboratively
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires some advance materials preparation
  • Assumes participant knowledge of seasons, axial tilt, biomes, energy transfer, weather and climate, and basic map reading skills
  • Designed for face-to-face and virtual instruction allowing instructors flexible delivery of material
  • Includes extensive teacher background information and supplemental links to assist instruction 
  • None