Comparing Countries’ Constitutions

This Comparing Countries’ Constitutions organizer also includes:

Analyze the constitutions of five different countries and see how they relate to each country's culture and traditions. Pupils read the preambles to the constitutions of India, Ireland, Russia, Suriname, and the United States. After reading each preamble, they answer five questions listed along the top of the page.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use this is a preparatory exercise for a more involved discussion or writing assignment about constitutions
  • Split your class into groups and assign one country per group; members from each group can then meet in jigsaw style and share information
  • Includes the preamble for each country right on the page
  • The chart will effectively help your pupils organize and compare information
  • The formatting is a bit strange, and there is not much space to write in answers to the questions for the United States