Compare and Contrast

This Compare and Contrast worksheet also includes:

Read about the ways that different cultures set up homes with a set of reading activities. Learners read short paragraphs that cover one or more different ideas, and answer four questions about what they have read, including whether or not the paragraph compares and contrasts two things.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Good addition to a language arts homework packet or literacy center activity
  • Include in a social studies class that focuses on any of the subjects in the worksheets (American settlers, Native Americans, nomadic villages, houseboats)
  • Create a reading assessment out of the packet of worksheets
  • Have learners write their own informative paragraph that compares and contrasts two similar things
Classroom Considerations

  • Each worksheet includes four questions

  • Works as a packet or as individual assignments
  • Paragraphs focus on interesting topics, and are straightforward for readers of all ages
  • Encourages readers to find the key words that helped them identify the topics that are compared and contrasted

  • None
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