¿Cómo te Llamas? (What Is Your Name?)

This ¿Cómo te Llamas? (What Is Your Name?) audio also includes:

Get to know someone's name, place of origin, and where they currently live with a cute Spanish song. After Ana introduces herself, she asks Adam the same questions about himself. Spanish learners then get a chance to answer the questions themselves.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use during the first week of school as an icebreaker for new members of the class
  • Have learners ask members of their family the same questions, and record the response to share in class the next day
Classroom Considerations

  • Clarify the difference between ¿De donde eres? and ¿Dónde vives?
  • Requires access to the Internet, as well as audio equipment

  • Provides an illustrative video to aid with comprehension
  • Both sets of questions reinforce vocabulary and conservational pattern

  • None