Communities on the Threshold of Change

This Communities on the Threshold of Change lesson plan also includes:

Viewers of the short documentary Santa Cruz Del Islote consider how changes in climate and overfishing impact the life style of the 1,200 residents of a small island off the coast of Cartagena, Columbia.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have pupils watch the film, record questions the film raises, and respond to the viewing questions before returning for a whole class discussion
Classroom Considerations

  • Links to a teacher's guide and the related film are attached

  • The six-page packet includes background information on the island, its history, and its people
  • Also included is a brief plan, discussion questions, and writing prompts

  • Some viewers may be impatient with the slow pace of the film
  • Viewers may find it difficult to draw evidence from the film  to respond to the discussion questions