Common and Proper Nouns | Parts of Speech App

Enhance instruction with a video focusing on common and proper nouns. Go in depth into the types of nouns and the difference between common and proper. Follow up the learning portion of the video with an interactive pop quiz, and end the show with a review.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Recreate the noun chart displayed in the video, then brainstorm additional common and proper nouns that can be added to it 
  • Flip your classroom; assign the video as homework so class members come to class prepared to discuss and apply what they learned  
  • Follow along with a laser pointer to direct pupils' attention to key details
Classroom Considerations
  • A brief ad pops up at the beginning of the video
  • The narrator's tempo is not too fast and easy to understand 
  • The video is created with a clean design
  • Slides contain a lot of information which may be overwhelming for some pupils
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