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Every time you pause while reading, you should insert a comma, right? Not necessarily. Using a comma to indicate a pause is just one of the myths addressed in a handout related to the pesky punctuation mark. After reviewing common misconceptions, the reference sheet explains how and when to use commas effectively.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Remove all commas from a paragraph and challenge learners to put them back in
  • Read a piece aloud and pause dramatically every time a comma appears to determine how well the punctuation fits in that position
Classroom Considerations
  • Reinforces Common Core standards related to commas taught at the middle school level
  • Provides specific examples of each strategy mentioned so writers can see the comma in use
  • Features bold headers to help scholars locate a specific problem they may need to address
  • Mentions a list of handy resources at the end of the handout but lacks hyperlinks or easy ways to access those materials