Comic Page Templates

This Comic Page Templates printable & template also includes:

Looking for a set of comic strip templates? Use a resource with five comic templates complete with writing frames and text bubbles. Not only is it a great tool to have on hand in the classroom, but especially when working on narrative writing. Learners create their own comics including illustrations and dialogue. The sheets provide a variety of layouts.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate into a unit on types of narratives
  • After pupils have created their comics, have them write a narrative paragraph or summary to accompany the strip
  • Create a bulletin board of the comics
  • Use the templates individually, or combine some of them to create longer comics
Classroom Considerations
  • Bring in a variety of narrative type comic strips to model
  • Before implementing, review the elements of narratives and comics to guarantee class members are aware of the lesson expectations
  • Provides ample space to draw pictures and illustrations
  • Not a lot of space for writing
  • Doesn't provide directions or suggested ways to use the templates