Comets and Asteroids!

Follow along as host Jessi and her mouse sidekick, Squeaks, examine space's comets and asteroids. Discover what they are made of, their size, where we can find them, and two of the more popular space objects of the group.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Research additional information about Halley's Comet and the asteroid Ida and its moon Dactyl
  • Instruct pupils to take notes, write down questions, and draft a reflection
  • Have the the video ready to play in full screen mode to avoid class members seeing an inappropriate comments or suggested videos
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource is the 11th of 18 videos detailing an assortment of topics related to space 
  • Video starts with a commercial 

  • Highlights new words using bold font accompanied by real and-world and computer-generated images 
  • Colorful graphics and a cartoon sidekick enhance engagement  

  • The host is a fast talker—be prepared to pause, replay, and turn on closed captioning