Colombia Biodiversity

This Colombia Biodiversity lesson plan also includes:

How diverse is the rainforest? How much more diverse is a rain forest than a temperate forest? Explore these focus questions in a lesson that explores the plants, animals, and insects in forests. After listening to a reading about biodiversity, learners participate in a variety of activities that require them to measure different aspects of biodiversity and create displays of two types of forests.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign pairs ahead of time
  • Although the resource is intended for kindergarten, it is adaptable to other grades as well
Classroom Considerations

  • A Walk in the Rainforest by Kristin Joy Pratt is a necessary reading
  • Review the materials list prior to implementing the lesson

  • The 19-page packet includes detailed procedures, a rubric, teacher background information, a materials list, and worksheets

  • Some concepts and avtivities may prove difficult for kindergarteners to grasp