Coal, Oil and Gas Hydrocarbons

Where do the hydrocarbons we use for energy come from? Science scholars learn the origins of our fossil fuels in a short video. The animated video includes information on how fossil fuels formed, their uses, and how a number of useful molecules are harvested through fractional distillation.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video to kick off a hydrocarbons unit or as a tool to help learners differentiate between how coal, oil, and natural gas form in the earth
  • Consider showing a video about fractional distillation to help the class understand the process
Classroom Considerations

  • Some prior knowledge of greenhouse gases and their effects is helpful for viewing the resource

  • Animations help organize the information in a way that beginning organic chemists can understand
  • The narrator clearly explains the uses of each of the hydrocarbons, providing real-world ties to increase learning

  • None