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Challenge young mathematicians' understanding of the coordinate plane with this series of skills practice worksheets. Offering 10 different exercises that involve identifying ordered pairs, graphing polygons, and rotating/reflecting shapes, this is a great resource for anyone teaching math in the upper-elementary or middle school grade levels.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use these worksheets as in-class or homework assignments during a pre-algebra unit on the coordinate plane
  • After completing the worksheets, allow students to share and discuss their solutions with a partner, small group, or the entire class
  • Extend learning by having learners create their own coordinate plane problems similar to those included on the worksheets

  • Provides teachers with notes for implementing the worksheets with their class
  • Worksheets are designed to sequentially build learners' understanding of the coordinate plane
  • Answer keys are provided for each exercise

  • None