Close Reading Homework Booklet

This Close Reading Homework Booklet worksheet also includes:

Wind turbines, daylight savings time, noise pollution, social problems. To develop close reading skills, high schoolers examine pairs of articles presenting opposing viewpoints of the same topics and respond to questions that require not only careful reading, but also analysis of the contrasting arguments presented.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the first pair of documents to model how to conduct a close reading of the materials and subsequent pairs as guided and then independent practice
  • The packet may be used as homework or as an in-class collaborative learning activity
Classroom Considerations
  • Although all the articles are drawn from British sources, the subject matter is appropriate for any learning situation
  • The 54-page packet includes five sets of documents representing contrasting viewpoints of the same topics, vocabulary lists, general knowledge and analysis questions, as well as writing prompts
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