Climate Change, Chaos, and The Little Ice Age - Crash Course World History 206

Can climate change contribute to political unrest? Explore this intriguing question with a video from Crash Course World History that examines the Little Ice Age from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries, particularly in the seventeenth century, which saw many of the coldest winters and longest droughts ever recorded.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Design a cross-curricular lesson between a climate change unit in Environmental Science and a focus on the seventeenth century in World History
  • Have class members watch the video at home and prepare a number of discussion questions to share with peers
Classroom Considerations
  • Contends that contemporary climate change is real and is caused by humans; be ready for a debate if pupils hold alternate views
  • Part of a larger video series that examines important themes in world history
  • Narration moves quickly, but the fast pace will likely appeal to teenagers
  • Does not delve into the science of climate change, focusing instead on the history and political impact
  • Opens up an important dialogue 
  • Animation is entertaining and engaging
  • None