Clauses | Parts of Speech App

Here is a video that is not short of detailed information on clauses. Delve deep into the workings of predicates, clauses, and dependent clauses, then have pupils show what they know with an interactive pop quiz. End the learning process with a review highlighting terms and key details. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Take screenshots of the vocabulary terms and definitions to display for pupils' reference 
  • Follow along with a laser pointer to bring attention to important information
  • Flip the classroom; assign the video as homework so scholars come to class prepared to discuss and apply what they learned
Classroom Considerations
  • An ad appears at the beginning of the video 
  • The narrator's voice is clear and speaks at a decent rate 
  • The overall look of the video is clean and easy to read
  • Examples provided are made of captivating graphics and voices
  • A lot of information is presentned at once; this may be overwhelming for some learners
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