Classroom Setup: Kindergarten

Whether you're planning to set up your classroom for the start of another school year or just need a change of scenery, this sample chapter taken from a Responsive Classroom book provides suggestions for making the most out of your classroom space. From arranging the furniture and assigning seats, to organizing classroom supplies and technology resources, this document is perfect for new teachers preparing for their first class.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Pick and choose ideas from this document that fit well with you and your teaching environment
  • Refer to this document when trying to come up with creative classroom displays
Classroom Considerations
  • Even though this resource was written with kindergarten classrooms in mind, the ideas can be applied across the primary grade levels
  • Make a list of classroom supplies that you need and ask for parent donations or have a class fundraiser
  • Offers lists of supplies that are useful in kindergarten classrooms
  • Includes photographs that demonstrate the different ideas presented in the text
  • Provides suggestions for using whole group circles while teaching any core subject
  • None