Classroom Setup: Grade 3

There's a lot of thought that goes into setting up safe and supportive classroom environments. From establishing a whole group meeting area and arranging desks, to organizing classroom supplies and creating bulletin board displays, this sample chapter taken from a Responsive Classroom book offers great ideas for creating a classroom that you and your students can call home.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Perform a classroom scavenger hunt on the first day of school, familiarizing children with the layout of the room and the location of different materials
  • Clearly label shelves, drawers, materials, and classroom areas with words and pictures to support all students, including English language learners
Classroom Considerations
  • Despite being written specifically for third grade teachers, many of the suggestions made in this document can be applied across the elementary grade levels
  • If there are supplies that you need for your classroom ask parents for donations or hold a class fundraiser
  • Document offers a list of suggested materials for a third grade classroom
  • Photographs are provided throughout the document as visual support for the ideas being presented
  • Colored heading and sub-headings, and bullet-point formating makes it easy to identify the key ideas in the chapter
  • None