Classroom Newsletter Template

Need a straightforward tool for communicating with parents? Use a newsletter template to jot down what you're working on in class for the week, It includes fields for concepts kids are learning in class, birthdays, books kids are reading, opportunities for enrichment at home, upcoming school events, and a blank field at the bottom of the page.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Blow up the template to a laminated poster-sized document and fill it in every week with dry erase marker for kids to note what they will be learning in class
  • Have older kids fill in the newsletter themselves, including ways they think they can reinforce and enrich their learning at home
  • Create an electronic version of the worksheet and upload to your class webpage every week
Classroom Considerations

  • Boxes may be a little small to write a week's worth of activities

  • A great way to keep parents in the loop about what's happening in your classroom
  • Doesn't include pictures or images, which makes it appropriate for older learners as well as elementary learners
  • Includes additional formats for editing (attached)

  • None